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At MARTIN & CO. ARCHITECTS, INC., our Architects take a “Traditional Approach” when designing, allocating space to create relationships … integrating the program with the surrounding environment.  Through the use of visual tools, the client’s functional program is expressed in plan, elevation, section and detail, translating an idea into reality, allowing the idea to come to life … the realization of space. 




As with many architects, designing for the future through the use of cutting edge technology and innovative design is the key to longevity in the field of architecture, keeping up with the constantly changing world of design and architecture.  At MARTIN & CO. ARCHITECTS, INC., our Architects’ “Contemporary Insight” allows our designs to be progressive, enlightening and insightful.



 With every brick laid, every stone set and every stud secured into place, we as architects are placing a time stamp within each structure, marking our place in history.  At MARTIN & CO. ARCHITECTS, INC., our Architects understand our role in architecture, making a “Historical Impact” with every building we design, every vista we capture, every section we detail and every plan we implement. 


 The average person walks through the door, peers through the window or turns the corner without ever realizing the work / detailing it takes to frame & finish a door, a window or a corner.  At MARTIN & CO. ARCHITECTS, INC., our Architects’ “Attention to Detail” creates a vision, allowing the user to experience the space as well as the details.  The design doesn’t make the details … the details make the design 


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